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This website provides an in-depth understanding of the Geosciences Group's capabilities for solving complex environmental problems.

Our vision is to be internationally recognized as a leader in delivering basic and applied earth science research in the development of conceptual and numerical models needed to understand, simulate, and control critical subsurface and engineered systems.

Our primary mission is to deliver science and technology solutions that exceed our clients' expectations by using every capability available to us, including the unique resources within PNNL's Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory. You'll find a diverse mix of knowledge, skills, and abilities within our research areas, which are led by senior researchers and supported by excellent technical staff and an extensive collection of state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

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Chris Brown, Manager

Chris Brown, Manager

The Environmental Sciences Laboratory (ESL)

The ESL consists of nine fully-equipped, radiologically-controlled wet chemistry and analytical laboratories. These laboratories serve as a foundation for PNNL's core capabilities in Subsurface Science and Applied Nuclear Science and Technology. The ESL has equipment to perform flow-through column experiments under unsaturated moisture conditions, including the pressurized unsaturated flow apparatus. The analytical capabilities within the ESL are used to safely and successfully analyze the most radioactively-contaminated sediment and tank waste samples collected on the Hanford Site.

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