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National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP) Program

To proceed with widespread implementation of CCS operations, risk assessments must be conducted to quantify the potential for adverse impacts to human health and the environment. To support this, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) established the National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP) Program. The National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP) is an effort that harnesses capabilities across five DOE national laboratories into a mission-focused platform to develop a defensible, science-based quantitative methodology for determining risk profiles at CO2 storage sites. NRAP is conducting risk and uncertainty analysis in the areas of:

The mission of NRAP is “to provide the scientific underpinning for risk assessment with respect to the long-term storage of CO2, including assessment of residual risk associated with a site post-closure.” Additionally, NRAP is developing a strategic, risk-based monitoring protocol, such that monitoring at all stages of a project effectively minimizes.


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